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Interview: Paz talks dream collaborations and favorite places to play (from Shaky Beats in Atlanta)

Paz is a super energetic, friendly, and creative DJ from California. He played one of the opening sets at Shaky Beats and got the crowd jumping early. He knows how to mash tons of great songs and then slam the crowd with mega drops. But besides being a extremely talented producer he also has a great personality. I had the opportunity to sit down with Paz and step more into his music world. Continue Reading

Interview: Dounia on Kehlani, snacking on Taki’s and performing at the Buku Music and Art Project in New Orleans

The 21-year-old singer Dounia took on the Buku Music and Art Project this weekend in New Orleans, Louisiana. Dounia is a part of the Revel’s Music Group which includes artists such as Anthony Russo and G-Eazy. Continue Reading

Interview: Arlie on rock stars, spirituality and Soundcloud rap myths

With the amount of traction that Arlie has gained in the alternative music scene, I expected them to be gaudy and polished – a stark contrast to the endearingly goofy three-person trio I had sitting in front of me. Nathaniel, Carson and Adam don’t take themselves too seriously and neither does Arlie. It was a true pleasure to experience their high-energy set and understand that the passion they have for their work exists independent of acclaim. Continue Reading

Interview: Yoshi Flower talks collaborations, life on the road and “AMERICAN RAVER”

Yoshi Flower is a fresh new addition to the Interscope Records family, and it’s definitely a welcome one. With an aura of honesty, he covers topics that are important to him in a way that not many others can do. Nothing he does is for popularity or attention. The love of music and creating is all Yoshi Flower needs. Continue Reading

Interview: Jeremy Zucker on his headlining tour, playing UNO and his new EP “summer”

Jeremy Zucker is a powerhouse artist – he sings, writes, and produces. Last time Jeremy was in Seattle he was opening up for Lauv. This time, he’s dropping by on his first headlining tour. Every single date sold out. Jeremy has been gaining traction quickly after his single “all the kids are depressedâ€? went viral. We caught up with him before his show in Seattle. Continue Reading

Interview: The Regrettes talk recording in Nashville, favorite songs and comfortable Reeboks

The Regrettes are sitting together like the cool punk kids you see in all the movies. It’s natural for them to lead a crowd; they held the attention of their audience at Bumbershoot like seasoned pros. Fronted by Lydia Night, The Regrettes are taking the punk rock scene by storm. We got the chance to chat with them at Bumbershoot. Continue Reading

Interview: Carlie Hanson on her upcoming tours, “Sierra Burgess is a Loser”, and moving to Seattle (maybe)

Carlie Hanson drips confidence. Her effortlessly cool demeanor naturally draws people’s attention. She’s incredibly herself for a young, budding pop sensation in the making. We were lucky enough to chat with Carlie before her set at Bumbershoot. She whispers “Hello, it’s Carlie.� as I slide the mic her way. Continue Reading

Interview: Jade Bird talks about her roots as a musician and her favorite shows backstage at Bumbershoot

Jade Bird beams rays of sunshine as she greets us with a warn, cheerful, “Hello!� after her set at Bumbershoot. Energy abounds from the young British singer while the day winds down around her. Continue Reading

Interview: pluko talks road trips, his musical origins and debut album “sixteen” (coming August 17)

pluko sits in a chair with bright white hair and freshly tanned skin. He looks calm, even after the many obstacles that came his way earlier that day. The 18-year-old is getting ready to release an album, sixteen. We caught up with Sam after his short set at Capitol Hill Block Party. Continue Reading

Interview: Quinn XCII on the origin of his name, Mutual Friends, and his favorite snack foods

Stepping out of the elevator dipped head-to-toe in FILA, which he officially has a brand deal with now, Quinn XCII has the demeanor of a cool older brother. We take some photos and then sit down for a quick talk before he gets ready to perform at Capitol Hill Block Party. Continue Reading

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