The band of four gave us starving MCR fans what we needed after two and a half years of waiting. A two-hour long show with nonstop hit after hit after hit. From the casual fans to the die hards, it would have been hard to not feel moved by and resonate with the impressive stage power My Chemical Romance possesses.

As one of those die hard fans, their set was beyond expectation. I was lucky enough to have caught another show on this tour and felt that set could not have been any better. I was simply proven wrong. Opening with their latest single, Foundations of Decay and leading straight into Skylines and Turnstiles, the song credited as the first official MCR song ever written, it was an extremely intense and beautiful full-circle moment. Though, I think what was most surprising to, probably just about everybody in the audience, was the final encore song.

We got hit with a song only released on their DVD box set “Life on the Murder Scene”, a song we, the MCRmy, haven’t heard live since perhaps 2008, a little piece called “Desert Song”. An emotional and lovely closer to a show sold out to thousands of groups of friends, fans both lifelong and new, and a few parents that got dragged along the way. A performance to cause FOMO for years to come for those who may have missed it.

Oh, and happy 21st birthday, My Chem.

Meghan McCabe

Meghan McCabe

Hailing from Connecticut, Meghan made the decision to uproot and move to Boston in 2014 to attend the New England School of Photography. Meghan relocated to New York City in 2016 and currently creates art for Rockstar Games. More work at