In March 2020, like much of the music industry, we went on hiatus. When Respect Your Youngers was founded over five years ago, the focus of the site was coverage of the best live music across the United States. We went offline shortly after New York City, and many other cities, issued stay-at-home orders with no clear timeline of when or if the site would ever return.

Now, exactly two years later, we are excited to reintroduce Respect Your Youngers. While the spirit of the site remains the same, the focus has broadened and we hope to provide a better, more engaging experience. In addition to music reviews, we have introduced two new sections, Gear and Guides. We hope these will serve as tools for young and rising photographers. We will continue to build out these sections slowly and hope that they will become great resources with time.

While some aspects of live music remain unclear, our staff is finally returning to shows and festivals in ways that feel safe. We are excited for the upcoming festival season, and to see some of the artists that defined our Pandemic Playlists live on stage for the first time.

In addition to some returning contributors, we are looking to add new members to the team, both as photographers and writers. We are focused on New York City, Chicago, San Francisco and Austin, but open to hearing from contributors around the world.

Please follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you do not already. Send an email to with any questions or inquiries. We’re excited to be back and eager to get back in the photo pit!



Brian Benton

Brian Benton is a writer and photographer based in Los Angeles.