On a late Friday night in New York, the line outside Bowery Ballroom circled the block for the first of several Gov Ball 2022 after shows. The headliner of Friday’s event was Soccer Mommy who was also slated to play at Gov Ball that weekend.

The vibes inside were incredible as the crowd mingled and waited for Soccer Mommy to take the stage. Some singing along to the pre-show mix, and you could hear people making new friends.

Soccer Mommy’s music would be on paper classified as indie-rock, filled with drumlines, guitar lines, and some synths mixed in as well. But there is something theatrical about their music as well. Which the crowd soon discovered as the band went on to play some tracks from their latest EP, and Sophie described the next track they played as “a little spooky” and the lights turned red.

As a teaser for their upcoming set at Gov Ball, Soccer Mommy also played some unreleased songs from their upcoming album, gaining yells and cheers from the crowd. The crowd was full of energy as if it was not nearing almost one am, but for the city that never sleeps, late shows come to be a part of the infrastructure.

Something crystal clear from Soccer Mommy’s set is their mastery over the indie-rock sound that they have created for themselves. The deep guitar riffs mixed with the vocal mastery of Sophie Allison’s vocals make something poignant and remarkable. The duality of the lightness of the vocals and deep bass lines keep your ears searching for the next chord, the next riff, the next taste of something magical.

Jude Valentin

Jude Valentin

Jude Valentin (Divine Brujeria) is a photographer and creative in New York City. They weave magic, bravery, and exploration through their creative endeavors.