Ashe’s The Fault Line tour made its stop in Toronto, Ontario. Fans waited through the rain since 7:00am all to see Ashe, I ended up talking with one of the girls who waited in line and she went on to tell me “waiting in the rain is worth it, we all love her so much and are just so excited to see her”. The dedication and love that comes from these fans never cease to amaze me.

The fans were singing along loudly to the pre-show playlist, once the lights and music came down, the singing turned into cheers of excitement. The opening notes of her song Me Without You echoed to around the walls quickly followed by a chorus of voices singing alongside Ashe.

Ashe’s energy on stage, is none like any other I’ve seen before. She was always running from one end to the other, keeping it almost impossible to keep up while taking the photos. She beamed and looked up at the crowd in awe as she heard the cheers coming from in front of her.


As the night went on, Ashe began to get vulnerable with the audience as she sang Always. She went on and told the crowd that this song was the most emotional to perform on tour and boy did everyone in the crowd, including myself, feel it. Almost everyone in the crowd clung onto their person while screaming the lyrics

I don’t care what people say
You know I won’t force you to stay
Don’t want you to go, but I’ll be okay
And I’ll love you always

The night wrapped up with Moral of the Story as Ashe said her “See you soons” and wished everyone a good night.


  1. Me Without You
  2. I’m Fine
  3. Kansas / Someone to Lose
  4. Save Myself
  5. Not Mad Anymore
  6. Love Is Not Enough
  7. Taylor
  8. When I’m Older
  9. Another Man’s Jeans
  10. Somebody to Love (Queen cover)
  11. Hope You’re Not Happy (New song (unreleased)
  12. Always
  13. Till Forever Falls Apart
  14. Moral of the Story