With concerts making a comeback, the Regency Ballroom was welcomed back to a sold out show from Texas based band, Dayglow. It was incredible to get to see people of all ages enjoy a solid show again. Unfortunately their opening band, Hovvdy wasn’t able to make it to this show, so fans did have to sit tight for a bit until Dayglow could start at their original scheduled time.

The crowd didn’t seem to mind the wait, but when the time finally came for them to take the stage, they did not disappoint. Dayglow kicked off the show strong with some catchy dance tunes that had lead man, Sloan Struble dancing all over the stage. With everyone dancing around you were able to literally feel the floor rumble underneath your feet. The light production was equally impressive with blasts of colors beaming from all sides of the stage.
If you catch these guys making their way to a venue near you, I highly recommend taking the night off to catch their show and dance around!


Natalie Baeza

Natalie is a photographer based out of the San Francisco Bay Area.