On Saturday, February 17th, Lil Xan performed a sold out show at The Ready Room in St. Louis and it was total xanarchy!

Lil Xan, also know as Diego, has been climbing the charts on SoundCloud and Billboard and has been recently signed to Columbia Records. Lil Xan, despite his stage name, has been an advocating against taking the prescription drug, Xanax. After becoming addicted to the drug, he realized it was ruining his life and decided to quit. Lil Xan is going to eventually change his stage name to his real name, Diego.

The Total Xanarchy Tour has been selling out back-to-back shows across the country, with this one selling out in a little over a week. When I arrived, there were at least 100 anxious “xanarchist” standing in line in the cold, waiting to get inside. The opening DJ was warming up the crowd with some heaving hitting dubstep, before the tour performers took the stage.

First up, Johnny Oz took the stage alongside with guest rappers and his hypemen. The Florida native is another soundcloud up-and-comer that warmed up the crowd before $teven Cannon. $teven Cannon is actually the rapper that inspired Lil Xan to rap. They quickly became friends and have been touring together ever since.

Lil Xan finally hops on stage at full force along with $teven Cannon, opening to “Been Bout it”. The entire venue began jumping and erupted in a sing along. Both Xan and Cannon doused the crowd with water bottles, and unfortunately, the DJ’s laptop. The DJ has to scramble and find a replacement laptop. After about 5 minutes, and quick freestyle from $teven Cannon, the show was back on. Lil Xan is most known for his popular single, “Betrayed” which he played three times in a row to appease his fans.

This was a crowd of dedicated fans that knew every word to every song, and made sure to capture every moment with their cell phones.


Ismael Valenzuela

St. Louis based photographer and writer.