Sir Sly is an indie pop band from Los Angeles, California. The band is fronted by vocalist Landon Jacobs alongside pianist Jason Suwito, and drummer Hayden Coplen. In support of headliner K.Flay, the band kicked off their tour last week in Southern California. Last Friday night’s performance at The Fonda was Sir Sly’s second show, and despite the early tour hiccups, it was a great precursor to K.Flay’s set.

Sir Sly played several songs from their most recent album “Don’t You Worry, Honey,” as well as a few from their past record “You Haunt Me.” Their stage presence was very infectious and energetic, especially Landon who was dancing and jumping across the stage. His whole body was a part of the performance, especially during their song “Altar,” where he got down on his knees and motioned towards the ground and ceiling as if he was praying. Another stand out moment was when Landon broke into a passionate speech, in relation to Trump’s derogatory comments made about Haiti and other African nations. He was very expressive and passionate, and you could sense his frustration in regards to the President’s behavior.

Although Sir Sly was the opening act, their crowd was packed and also very supportive during their technical issues. “When life gives you lemons… make lemonade […] it’s all alright we’re going to move on to the bops anyways,” Landon said after stopping midway through a song. The band played hit song “Gold,” from their 2014 album “You Haunt Me,” followed by their most recent hit single “High.” “This song is about smoking legal marijuana!” Landon said. The song went perfectly with the giant LED brain stage prop from the music video, as it pulsed with colored lights. They ended their set with their song “&run.” The bass during the instrumental interludes was so intense and powerful that I could feel the vibrations in my chest.

Towards the end you could sense Landon’s disappointment through his body language. In the heat of the moment he shouted the last verse of the song, dropped his mic, and stormed off the stage. Though a bit unexpected and abrupt, maybe it was just a passionate outburst. Hayden got out from behind the drums and blew kisses to the crowd, followed by waves from Jason before the stage went dark and the curtains closed. Overall the crowd seemed to vibe with Sir Sly’s performance. Their set definitely got fans pumped and ready for K.Flay.

The band continues to tour with K.Flay until early February, followed by festival performances over the spring/summer. For more information regarding Sir Sly’s tour check out their website:

Pamela Wang

Pamela Wang

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