Young the Giant (YTG) set out on their 2018 North American tour in late October. With the recent release of their new album Mirror Masters, there has been a great deal of buzz and anticipation in regards to the tour, merch, and everything in between.

The band finally made their way to New York after touring most of the East Coast and Canada. YTG played two nights at Brooklyn Steel, a 1,800 capacity venue located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Their exuberant energy was refreshing, and the vibrant colors that surrounded them illuminated the venue creating a magical atmosphere. Although the space is quite open and expansive with its high ceilings and wide GA floor, it was tightly packed with fans.

There is something about the way Sameer Gadhia, YTG’s lead singer, performs. It was obvious how comfortable he was on stage. His movements and interactions with the crowd felt genuine and raw. “You guys are the ones who give these shows dimensionality. If we were to go play in the subway, we would just be the same people playing the same songs with nobody around[…] you guys are the ones that make these shows what they are,” Gadhia humbly admitted. It was apparent how appreciative they were in the moment.

The set covered a solid mix of old and new songs, as well as a nice combination of slow ballads, acoustic jams, and upbeat tracks that made everyone in the crowd dance. Some highlights of the night included a stripped “In the Open” version of Firelight, a cover of Radiohead’s No Surprises, and an emotionally packed performance of Mind Over Matter. Overall, YTG gave an emotion-filled performance that embraced connectivity. The sea of bodies swayed and jumped, and voices filled the venue as fans sang along, and although I attended the show alone, I felt like I was surrounded by friends.

Young the Giant continue to tour throughout November and mid-December of this year. They pick back up in late January covering more of the East Coast with the band Sure Sure.

Pamela Wang

Pamela Wang

Pamela Wang is a Photographer and Graphic Designer from Los Angeles, CA currently based in NYC. Check out more of her work at