almost monday made two impromptu stops this February, one of which included The Masquerade in Atlanta, Georgia, on the first of the month.

Starting out strong, local band Midsummer Motel played entirely original songs, engaging in awkward, yet amusing banter with the crowd. Composed of Ethan Intveld, Matthew Neuberger, and John Hatch, the band played their most popular songs, including “where do all the good people go” and “little trees”.

Midsummer Motel
almost monday

Then, almost monday came out with a bang, starting off with “only wanna dance” and immediately getting everyone moving. While the crowd was small, it was mighty. Diligently singing along to every song that the band played, there was no mistaking the energy felt in the room. When Dawson, the lead singer, told the crowd to jump, they jumped. When he told them to sing, they sang. They shouted words of love and encouragement to the band throughout the entire set, and the band did the same.

The connection between almost monday and their crowd was tangible. Dawson’s dedication to an energetic show also shined through, as he took many BeReals, videos, and selfies on fans’ phones. He even brought out a kazoo for the cover of “What I Like About You” by The Romantics. The band continued their set with electric songs and good vibes only, including with “sunburn” and “sun keeps on shining”. They ended with a bow, and fans eagerly lined up at the merch table to snag some t-shirts and stickers, as well as meet the band. There is no mistaking the impact of this show and I expect to see almost monday playing larger and larger venues across the country very soon.

Leah Banko

Leah Banko

Leah Banko is an Atlanta-based photographer. See more of her work at