Death Cab for Cutie made a pit stop in Raleigh, North Carolina at Coastal Credit Union Music Park at Walnut Creek on Monday on their Asphalt Meadows tour. Asphalt Meadows, the band’s tenth and latest studio album, just came out on September 16th and has received much praise since its release.

The band kicked off the night with the first track off their new album, “I Don’t Know How I Survive” and proceeded to play a mix of old and new tunes throughout their set. If you like their new album, you were in for a treat as the show included most of the new tracks off Asphalt Meadows (nine out of eleven to be exact). The group also didn’t miss the chance to take us on a journey back in time with nostalgic hits such as “Soul Meets Body,” “Crooked Teeth,” and “The New Year.” The night also included a memorable performance of “I Will Follow You Into the Dark,” where Ben Gibbard jokingly recognized the sometimes cringey-ness of an audience singalong but was nevertheless met with a pavilion of thousands joining into the chorus of the song.

When a band has been around for as long as Death Cab for Cutie has been, it’s easy to get into a routine of playing only the hits. It’s refreshing that this group can still successfully, and with much adoration, tour a new album and continue to create exceptional songs for those of all ages to enjoy.

Check out the band’s future show dates HERE, which include many more opportunities to see them in the U.S. before embarking on an international tour next spring.

Set List:

  1. I Don’t Know How I Survive
  2. Roman Candles
  3. The New Year
  4. Cath…
  5. Why You’d Want to Live Here
  6. Here to Forever
  7. Black Sun
  8. Northern Lights
  9. I Miss Strangers
  10. Crooked Teeth
  11. Rand McNally
  12. I Will Follow You Into the Dark
  13. Your Heart is an Empty Room
  14. Asphalt Meadows
  15. You Are a Tourist
  16. The Ghosts of Beverly Drive
  17. I Will Possess Your Heart
  18. Soul Meets Body
  19. Foxglove Through the Clearcut


  1. Pepper
  2. 405
  3. I’ll Never Give Up on You
  4. Bixby Canyon Bridge


Maddie Matthews

Maddie Matthews

Madelyn is a Live Music Photographer based in Raleigh, North Carolina.