I spent the last few months looking forward to seeing Japanese Breakfast back on tour. In the days leading up to the show, I had seen friends posting videos and pictures of the shows they attended in different cities and it made me even more excited to get to experience one of them. On this leg of the tour they brought along musician, Luna Li to help pump up the crowd as their opener. Her “bedroom dream pop“ music was really catchy and had the whole place bobbing their heads and dancing along with her. I had never heard of her, but after this show I’m definitely a fan.

Once the lights went down and I saw Japanese Breakfast make their way onto the stage, the crowd began to roar with excitement. Michelle Zauner’s sparkly silhouette stood at the front of the stage and once the lights shot back up it was as if she turned into a human disco ball. The kicked off the sold out show with their newer popular song, Paprika. This has to be one of my favorite performances that I’ve seen in a while.


Natalie Baeza

Natalie is a photographer based out of the San Francisco Bay Area.