On a rainy night in New York City, mxmtoon made a stop on her rising tour at Webster Hall. On the first of two sold out nights, the line to get into the venue stretched down the block and around the corner.

As the fans got inside and crowded into the venue, you could hear them all singing along to the pre-show playlist. Looking over the crowd, you could see an array of pride flags (the original rainbow flag, bisexual flags, trans flags, etc.), a great way to bring in Pride month.

The show began with opener Chloe Moriondo – who performed songs from her latest release puppy luv. The crowd sang and danced along and was super excited when Chloe brought up her song “I Wanna Be With You” which was recently featured on Netflix’s Heartstopper.

Chloe’s vibes set the night off on a great foot as the crowd waited for mxmtoon. The crowd continued to sing along to songs on the playlist, the playlist full of songs also popularized on Tiktok which made sense for the demographic in the room.

When mxmtoon came on stage, everyone was screaming and excited. The thing that was the most striking at the beginning of the set was the innovation and use of light. Not only did mxmtoon have the overhead lights and the disco ball, but there were also four lights being controlled by a light technician to go along with her set.

The lyricism of mxmtoon’s music hits differently when there are also visuals that accompany it. The lyrics hit harder and hit deeper when there is a crowd full of people screaming them together. A cataclysm of emotion.

Mxmtoon described her fans and community as a “queer safe space” and a space that she would’ve felt comfortable in at seventeen. There is something so incredibly heartwarming about there being artists who are open about their identities and who are dedicated to creating inclusion for the younger generation of music lovers.

Jude Valentin

Jude Valentin

Jude Valentin (Divine Brujeria) is a photographer and creative in New York City. They weave magic, bravery, and exploration through their creative endeavors.