Omar Apollo graced the Pageant in St. Louis with his smooth R&B, Corridos and traditional Mariachi.

Apollo walked out on stage to “Killing Me”, with only an atmospheric spotlight above his head giving a moody silhouette effect to the slow jam. Although it was a slow song, Omar Apollo was exciting the crowd with a sensual dance routine.  Leading into “Talk”, one of his more energetic pop songs, quickly changed the tone to a more uplifting feel and the show was in full effect.

One of the most notable moments of the night was when he performed “En El Olvido” and “Dos Uno Nueve” which are entirely in Spanish and showcased his Mexican heritage. Both songs are traditionally acoustic and Apollo, along with two bandmates, took center stage with acoustic guitars. This portion of the show was important because it reminded the audience where he’s from showcased his acoustic guitar skills. When performing “tamagotchi” changed the pace of the show from R&B to modern hip-hop, but with own flare.

Omar Apollo is one of the most talented and diverse artist in music currently. His sound ranges from R&B, mariachi, pop, and hip-hop and he really captivates the crowd with his dancing. He’s come a long way in his short tenure in music and growing in popularity quickly. The Ivory Tour is almost over, but there a still a few shows left –



Ismael Valenzuela

St. Louis based photographer and writer.