On November 5, 2022 Blu DeTiger stopped by Toronto for her Blu deTOUR/ElevaTOUR run. The night opened up with a local talent by the name of Jayde followed by the tour’s supporting act Tiffany Day. Tiffany’s energy was contagious and full of life as she ran back and forth across the stage. As she danced and jumped around, as did the crowd and together her and some fans sang a long to some of her biggest hits such as If I Don’t Text You First. Tiffany gave her thanks to Toronto and ran off the stage, thus beginning the anticipation for Blu to hit the stage.

After a few moments, the sound of a bass line cut through the chatter of the crowd and just like that all the attention was drawn to the stage. Blu’s bandmates walked on the stage, played alongside the bass line and just like that, the bassist walked on the stage as everyone erupted into cheers. The crowd was like no other, as everyone swayed and grooved to the lines and licks of the bass. Throughout one point of the night, Blu asked the crowd if there was anyone who played bass and after a lot of cheers and hand raises a fan from the crowd was selected to play alongside Blu.

The set and lighting crew for this tour deserves a special shoutout! Everything about the environment of the stage really put this show over the top. The funky lights and disco balls really made this a Blu DeTiger show. Blu’s presence on stage is so captivating, wherever she played heads turned in her direction and whenever she stopped in place fans would reach their hands out to greet the the bassist. Blu DeTiger had Toronto swaying, grooving and on their feet all the way to the very end of the show. As the show ended there was an accompanying chorus of people talking about how brilliant the night was as they exited the venue. This show was definitely a spectacular one to catch, be sure to grab tickets if you see The Blu DeTOUR/ElevaTOUR in a city near you (Remaining Tour Dates).
  1. Intro / Crash Course
  2. Hot Crush Lover
  3. Toast With the Butter
  4. Cotton Candy Lemonade
  5. Night Shade
  6. Blutooth
  7. Elevator
  8. Style / Electric Feel / Glamorous
  9. Kinda Miss You
  10. Tangerine
  11. Enough 4 You
  12. Blondes
  13. Figure It Out
  14. Vintage