Indie Rock supergroup boygenius, composed of Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus, closed out the last night of the Re:SET Concert Series this past Sunday. The concert series, consisting of three days filled with many incredible acts, has been touring around North America with stops in major cities including Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Chicago, and Atlanta. Fans have been especially excited to catch boygenius during Re:SET since the group has not officially toured since the release of their first EP, boygenius, in 2018.

Now, the boys are back with an extremely successful debut studio album titled The Record, which came out only a few months ago. Sunday’s performance did not disappoint as fans from all around the Bay Area gathered at the Frost Amphitheater, located on the Stanford campus in Stanford, CA, to listen to boygenius’s raw and captivating melodies. Prior to the first song on the setlist, “The Boys Are Back in Town” by Thin Lizzy played to get the fans excited. Soon, the overall energy shifted and the main projector screen flipped to a live video of Julien, Phoebe, and Lucy backstage singing the beginning verses of “Without You Without Them.” Then, the trio ran on stage to continue the song and the crowd went absolutely wild.


At one point, Phoebe got cold and attempted to put on Julien’s jacket as she claimed, “This isn’t going to fit me.” Julien exclaimed, “It’s supposed to be cropped!” and Phoebe twirled while fans cheered in support of her new look. Julien smiled and said that “Chivalry isn’t dead” before moving on to the next song.

Throughout the night, the performance went back and forth between soft and introspective tunes from The Record such as “Emily I’m Sorry” and “True Blue,” to more upbeat hits like “Anti-Curse,” and most notably “Not Strong Enough,” where fans sang (and screamed) in unity to the chorus. The supergroup also made sure to sing a few tracks from their EP including “Salt in the Wound” and “Ketchum, ID.” During and between songs, the boys hugged, danced and exchanged laughs with each other, making it clear that they loved being there just as much as every single audience member.

The encore included a beautiful trio of songs from each artist’s own discography: “Please Stay,” “Favor,” and “Graceland Too,” by Lucy, Julien, and Phoebe, respectively. Sunday’s performance made it very evident that the chemistry between Julien, Phoebe, and Lucy is authentic, and the show as a whole felt very intimate. If you have the chance to attend a boygenius concert, we can’t recommend experiencing them live enough.

Set List
Without You Without Them
Emily I’m Sorry
True Blue
Cool About It
Bite the Hand
Revolution 0
Stay Down
Leonard Cohen
Me & My Dog
We’re in Love
Letter to an Old Poet
Not Strong Enough
Salt in the Wound
Ketchum, ID

Please Stay
Graceland Too

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Sandra Jamaleddine

Sandra Jamaleddine

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