On June 4th, 2023 in Echo Beach Toronto, history was made. Canada’s first ever Queer and Sapphic centred music festival took place and some were even calling it the sapphic Super Bowl. This festival was a one of a kind experience with not only  LGBTQIA+ artists on stage, but the festival also hosted Queer vendors. With big queer legends such as Hayley Kiyoko and Girl In Red, this festival was nothing short of a celebration of the queer identity.

Canada’s very own Jade Lemac performed her first ever performance at the festival stating that she felt so honoured and overjoyed that the first performance of her career was at a festival like Lavender Wild. Other artists shared the same sentiments about performing at an ALL queer/sapphic festival, stating that they’ve never performed let alone seen anything like it.


As a queer identifying person myself, I have truly never felt safer than I did than in that festival. It was so nice to see so many smiling faces walking around and enjoying live music all in one space. An event like this is crucial for LGBTQIA+ identifying people of all ages as it ensures that they are safe to be who they are without the disapproval from people in their personal lives or society as a whole.


All in all, Lavender Wild music festival has room for so much growth. For the first one ever, festival creator Alex Simpson has exceeded expectations and Toronto cannot wait to see how the next festival plays out.