Maisie Peters’ second night of her “You Signed Up For This” tour took place in Chicago at Lincoln Hall with support from Jonah Kagen on March 2nd, and the city gave Peters the warmest welcome that I’ve ever seen. Peters may be considered an up and coming artist but its hard to even view her as such when her destiny for greatness is so set in stone, especially with an upcoming European tour supporting Ed Sheeran.

Peters’ latest album “You Signed Up For This” is filled with heartbreak anthems galore supported by empowered and blatant lyrics, and it was incredible to hear them sung by every attendee at Chicago’s show. Peter is fully aware of her presence and strength as well, as she had no issue telling her fans to “leave that boy behind” or open up about her own relationship history in tangent. This show was an absolute joy to attend as Maisie Peters gave Chicago her all. The entertainment value was there, the pure talent was undeniable, and the sensation of attending a show in a venue that she will probably never play again because it’s only up from here, was very very special.



Alana Swaringen

Alana is a Chicago based music photographer.