Maxo Kream is back on tour after 2 years of spotty one-off shows during the pandemic. Like most artist, he passed the time writing a new music and performing at festivals like Rolling Loud and Pitchfork Festival.  On October of 2021, he released Weight of the World and announced a tour shortly after. The 31 year old Houston based rapper really wears his heart on his sleeve of every track he puts out, repping his Houston roots.

There was a small line formed outside the venue of fans ready to get inside and get their Friday night started. Peso Peso, an up-and-coming rapper from Galveston, Texas opened up the show with high energy while sporting a baby blue St. Louis Cardinals jersey. Peso Peso engaged with the crowd as much as he could between each song, and encouraged a couple fans to have a beer chugging contest. The Texas based rapper came heavy with Houston chopped/screwed influence mixed with Mexican corridos vibes.

The DJ got the crowd nice and warmed up by playing a barrage of hyped-up hip-hop tracks before Maxo Kream took the stage. Stepping out into a cellphone flash lit room, Maxo Kream jumps out on stage to his opening track “Cripstian” from his latest album, Weight of the World. Maxo also decided to show the city some love by sporting a St. Louis Blues jersey. He was also wearing a Cubs but never mind that, he’s just a big fan of the color blue. He followed up with “11:59”, and quickly transitioned into “They Say” which is a song about all of the negative gossip that constantly surrounds him. The bar “I put Playboi Carti on then that (explicit) surpassed him” was a stark reminder that Maxo Kream really was one of the first big artist to be featured on a Playboi Carti song 7 years ago. The remainder of his set featured songs from Punken and Brandon Banks. Maxo Kream really is authentic as it gets when it comes to his music, performance, and overall love from his fans.

There’s still plenty of dates remaining on the Big Persona Tour from March through May.


Ismael Valenzuela

St. Louis based photographer and writer.