The Pixies stopped through Philadelphia to show off their gamut and longevity as they graced The Met with high-energy and smooth cadences. The band now on their second leg of just the North American tour before going abroad, brought with them Franz Ferdinand and Bully to open and loosen the crowd. Franz Ferdinand was the perfect precursor, setting the bar high with their fast and high-spirited stage show.

The Pixies played a decent amount of material from their new album, Doggerel, which came out last September and was produced by Tom Dalgety. They performed songs like, “Dregs of the Wine,” “Haunted House,” and “Nomatterday,” that were just some of the few featured from that album. The 30-song set also included an array of older songs like, “Cactus,” “Death Horizon,” and “Bone Machine” to remind fans how deep their catalogue extends, with their first album dating back to 1986. With a few covers peppered in there like “Winterlong” by Neil Young, and “Head On” by The Jesus Mary Chain, were nice surprises and a great representation of lead singer, Black Francis’s vocal ability.

Overall, The Pixies were able to bring an exceptional collaborative performance which is a testament to the aptitude and charisma that has expanded in their live shows since their first formation. Despite being considered ‘old-school,’ they pulled off a fantastically revamped showcase of variety and nostalgia with a fresh perspective.


Gouge Away

Bone Machine

Wave of Mutilation

Head On (The Jesus and Mary Chain cover)

Isla de Encanta





Monkey Gone to Heaven

Planet of Sound

Who’s More Sorry Now?

The Lord Has Come Back Today

Haunted House

Dregs of the Wine

Get Simulated


Mr. Grieves


All the Saints

Death Horizon

Here Comes Your Man

Nimrod’s Son

Blown Away

Break My Body


Motorway to Roswell

Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf)

Where Is My Mind?

Winterlong (Neil Young cover)

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Ben Wong

Ben Wong

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