Thomas Headon has just completed his first US tour and we were lucky enough to catch his show in Chicago at Beat Kitchen on March 30th. Beat Kitchen may be small, but Headon filled that room both with fans and energy, the anticipation was clear from the extensive line of people who waited in the rain outside the venue before doors opened. 

The London born and Melbourne raised artist’s loyal fanbase was built greatly around his sharing of music to Tik Tok, and his career can absolutely be deemed a success story with help from the video creation app. But of course it all has to start with talent and strong songwriting skills that Headon so authentically and clearly possesses. His latest EP “How Do I Know?” had only been out for 2 weeks by the time the Chicago show rolled around, and the consensus was that every attendee had studied up, related, and felt the words that he had produced. This show was a party filled with artist to audience interaction, with Headon borrowing heart shaped sunglasses from a fan, to immersing himself into the middle of the crowd for a song. 

While Headon has already obtained a true foundation for his career, this really is only the beginning for this singer-songwriter and his live shows are not ones to be missed. He continues his next series of gigs this week in Australia and heads to Europe at the start of the summer. 


Alana Swaringen

Alana is a Chicago based music photographer.