Lindsey Jordan, more commonly known as Snail Mail put on quite the show. On April 11, 2022 Toronto welcomed Snail Mail for the first time at The Phoenix Concert Theatre. Dedicated fans started lining up hours before the show to secure their spot at the front right at the barricade, and before you know it was time to let people in. The line that once wrapped around the block started to move up as people headed into the venue chatting amongst each other in excitement. Anticipation was buzzing through the venue as fans waited for the show to begin.

After an energetic performance done by the supporting act, Joy Again, singer Lindsey Jordan ran out onto the stage and the crowd erupted in cheers. The show started off with a crowd favourite, Valentine, which so happens to be the name of the tour and Snail Mail’s second album. Both Lindsey and the fans sang the lyrics out to each other throughout the night.  Lindsey performed with such power and left the audience hooked onto every song she sang. The energy put into her performance was mirrored by the audience, Lindsey screamed out the lyrics to them and they screamed back. Not a single soul stood still in that venue, there people were jumping, dancing and swaying along to to the songs. All in all it was quite the show!

 Go and see for yourself in the remaining dates of her tour!