I had the awesome opportunity to check out a new, up and coming artist named Zyah Belle who is currently touring in support Alex Isley on her Marigold Tour.

Zyah is a Bay Area local, hailing from Vallejo, CA. It was no surprise that the first night of the tour would sell out and have the venue completely packed. I don’t normally cover R&B shows, but I was excited to see something new and venture out of my norm. This show was absolutely incredible and had an insane amount of energy radiating throughout the room. Cafe Du Nord isn’t the biggest venue in the city, but for someone to be able to take over the stage and perform like Zyah and make the place feel bigger, is not something everyone has the ability to do. Zyah came dressed to impress in a skin tight, black striped bodysuit. As hot as it was in the venue, she did not let that keep her from dancing and moving around the stage while lights beamed onto her. Her vocals were so silky, soulful and raw that it actually gave me goosebumps. Throughout her set she interacted with the audience a bit and shouted out to friends and family in the crowd that had come to support her. Her mother looked to her from the audience with the biggest, brightest smile in the room, cheering for her as she performed.

As Zyah ended her set, we headed to the green room where she took a moment to cool down and recover from the heat. A few fans made their way into the room with roses in hand to excitedly greet her. Zyah and her team count have been nicer. I enjoyed every minute of the show and interaction I had during my time there. I’m excited to see Zyah Belle’s career go the distance and reach new heights.

Do yourself a favor and catch her on the Marigold Tour.


Natalie Baeza

Natalie is a photographer based out of the San Francisco Bay Area.